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Constance Wu

Price: CHF 125.-


Award Me in Bitcoin and/or Open Your Personal Account!
Agent: Constance Wu.

What do you get:
1 Personal Account at ZIBITCOIN.com
Your Personal Account will include:
1.) your Bitcoin Address, 2.) your Account's name and your real name 3.) your profile picture, 4) your date of birth, 5.) your citizenship, 6.) a concise description of you and your occupation,
7.) a link to your official website or your social network page,
An "Agent" link to the Account of Constance Wu
(thanks to whom you opened your Account at ZIBITCOIN.com)

This item is not refundable.

ACHILLE ZIBI - ZIBITCOIN - CONSTANCE WU (www.zibitcoin.com/account/constance-wu)
Agent: Constance Wu - Bitcoin Address: 19hk4RVHWwV8ayqTCmbogAS2ZACzSZtxDT

You are free to send any amount directly to the Bitcoin Address of Constance Wu.
Any Time .. Any Amount .. To Anyone.

Open Your Personal ZIBITCOIN Account!
The cost to open your personal ZIBITCOIN Account is 125.- Swiss francs.

Application Conditions:
Your Account is Personal (only you can open your personal account)
You must be 1) a person (not a company), 2) at least 18 years old (if you are under the age of 18, you need your parents' permission), 3) willing and legally entitled to open your personal account at ZIBITCOIN.com.
After your application, the ZIBITCOIN.com team will open and manage your personal account.
Your account's updates (changes of: your profile picture, information, website link, or other) will be charged 50.- CHF each time.

The 40% (50.- CHF) of the application fee of your ZIBITCOIN Account will be sent to:
Your Personal ZIBITCOIN Account.
(Opening your account at ZIBITCOIN.com you agree that the 33,3% of your account's balance belongs to ZIBITCOIN).

The 40% (50.- CHF) of the application fee of your ZIBITCOIN Account will be sent to the account of: Constance Wu
(the Agent who invited you to open your personal account at ZIBITCOIN.com) by Achille Zibi.

The remaining 20% (25.- CHF) of the application fee of your ZIBITCOIN Account will be solely administered
by Achille Zibi and accounted by ACHILLE ZIBI ENTERPRISE as operating profit.

Your Personal Account at ZIBITCOIN.com/Accounts, the use of the Internet or this website for communication with the Company or any individual member of the Company, does not establish a celebrity-customer relationship.

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